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 For hundreds of years, the nomadic people known as gypsies have traveled the roads of Europe and the U.K. in beautifully carved and decorated living wagons. To maintain this wandering way of life, they created an extraordinary breed of horse, with enough endurance and strength to pull a heavy wagon all day, the ability to subsist on whatever grazing it could find on the side of the road, and an extremely calm temperament, since a moment’s panic could quite literally result in the destruction of its master’s home. The result, after hundreds of years of selective breeding, is a beautiful, powerful and supremely gentle animal – the Gypsy Horse. 


 Selective breeding continued by the gypsies virtually unknown to the outside world until two Americans, Dennis and Cindy Thompson, while traveling through the English countryside, noticed a magical looking horse standing in a field. It was that very horse who became the key to unlocking the heretofore-unknown vision and genetics that created the Gypsies’ “vanner” breed (a horse suitable to pull a caravan).A passion was born in the Thompsons to understand the little stallion that captured their attention and stole their hearts. It would take years of research – without the help of the internet – to learn about this special horse and, just as importantly, the colorful culture, which had created it. As wildly improbable as it seemed, consequent research confirmed that, in fact, one of the most magnificent breeds of horse the world has ever seen was not recognized, did not have a name and was not understood outside the world of Gypsies. – Dennis Thompson, GYPSY VANNER HORSE SOCIETY Co-Founder 

Gypsy Vanners


 Gypsies, traveling in their caravans or vardos, have been known by a variety of names, including Travelers, Roma or Romany. The names for their horses reflect this – Gypsy Cobs, Gypsy Horse, Travelers Horses, Irish Cobs, Tinkers. In 2003 the title chosen by a newly created organization to preserve these horses’ unique characteristics and promote their abilities as both harness and riding animals was the Gypsy Cob Society of America. In 2008, the membership voted a name change to the Gypsy Horse Registry of America, Inc. Additionally, in the U.S. within the past two decades, this magnificent horse has also become to be known by the name of Gypsy Vanner


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